Jorgensen Waterfowl

Breeding rare breeds of poultry for the future


Welcome to our farm, where we breed to conserve rare breeds of poultry. We breed for quality, not quantity and are a small home business. We sell eggs and meat birds locally to fund our breeding program. We mainly breed Large Dewlap Toulouse Geese, and Salmon Faverolle chickens, but also breed Bantam Columbian Rocks and plenty of barnyard layers. We have also recently acquired a pair of lovely Pygora goats, Candy and Josie. 


  • "We are very happy with our new pair of Toulouse geese! We could see how well cared for and tame they were. Thank you again!"
    Margarete Finn
    satisfied buyer
  • "I received my first Faverolles bantam pullet from Jorgensen Waterfowl last week, and she is absolutely wonderful. She's sweet and cage-trained, and very easily handled by my chi..."
    Rebecca Letourneau
    Satisfied Mother Hen