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February Update!

Posted by Sierra Jorgensen on February 11, 2011 at 2:28 PM

I've been so busy, Eeek! I got back from the PPBA (in Stockton, CA) Show two weeks ago, but I've only just been able to get on and update. Even now, I'm preparing to go to Italy for a whole week! :D I'm so excited! I'll be vistiting Florence, Rome and Venice with the Fashion club at my school.


This was my first year at the PPBA show and I think I did pretty good. 

I brought my two Elite Show Toulouse from Holderreads and my young buff goose. The two older geese took Grand and Reserve Champion Jr Goose, along with Champion and Reserve Champion Heavy Goose, Best of Breed, and Reserve of breed. There was one other Toulouse other then mine, and it so happens that it's from my breeding birds! It's the pure sister to my buff (she's also a buff) from eggs I had sold and shipped all over the place! The judging between them must have been close, because they looked almost identical to one another, but my buff took 1st and BV. :) And then! Since I had gotten Champion Jr Goose, at the time I couldn't believe my eyes, my goose made it to the Jr. Champion Row!! She was pretty upset, being away from her man and all, but I was so proud of her! 

And for my chickens!

I took my bantam Faverolle rooster, his LF son, a LF hen, and a pullet. The faverolles did good, but there was alot of competition (at least 15 faverolles in bantam and Large Fowl!). My bantam roo got 1st (he only had hens for competition though) and my LF cockerel took 3rd. I was really happy with that, the roos who he was competing against were absolutely gorgeous! The hen and pullet both won 5th place, as well. Both Best and Reserve Continental were won by a pair of Faverolles. The Rooster (Champion) was from Tamsen and Karen Polley, and the hen (Reserve Champion) was from Bridget Riddle. 

And so, like every year, I went to the show expecting to take home TWO birds. Well, I ended up driving home with seven! My mom got a blue cochin for herself, I brought home 2 call ducks for my best friend, and I took home 2 hens and 2 cockerels from Tamsen and Karen Polley (They own the rooster who won Champion). Like I needed any more roos! But new blood for breeding is always good, AND one is a WHITE faverolle! He's not dominant white, (He's recessive, so bred to a Salmon faverolle, there should be Salmon chicks), but he is beautiful! ;D Just what I needed too, what with all these dark hens I have. 



They are courting! Breeding season is on it's way! :D


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