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Spring is Here!

Posted by Sierra Jorgensen on April 7, 2011 at 12:43 AM

Broodies! Three of them!

Wow, spring is here and everything is happening all at once! The geese have been laying for three weeks now, and with my third incubator getting full it's time to start selling goose eggs for those of you out there waiting on them. Contact me at [email protected] and give me a heads-up if you're looking to buy some. I only get about 20 eggs a week, but I want to make sure whether I need to advertise elsewhere or not. 

Faverolle eggs are also now available! The updated photos on the Faverolle page are of the flock I have breeding now. They are big healthy birds, and I'm getting lots of fertile eggs from them! Contact me the same way as the goose eggs please. 

I have three broodies! Wow, thats a record. Two cochins (bantam and LF) and a columbian rock bantam mix. They are all such great birds and are hatching me even more babies then my incubators can handle! 

I'm not sure when I'll have goslings yet. My two first hatches didnt go well after a huge heat wave hit Bishop, but these eggs I have now should be due in 2-3 weeks. Some are showing signs of veins and embryo development already. I'm excited! 

Thanks everyone! 


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  • "We are very happy with our new pair of Toulouse geese! We could see how well cared for and tame they were. Thank you again!"
    Margarete Finn
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