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Large Dewlap Toulouse

The Toulouse are a old breed that originated in France and was specially bred for a dish called fois gras, “Goose Liver”. They are a heavy breed that can easily reach weights of up to 30 lbs or more. Toulouse don’t reach their full size and girth until they are 3-5 years old.  They mainly come in Grey, but also come in a color called Buff. "Only 654 standard Toulouse, and only six primary breeding flocks." are recorded in survey data according to the Amercian Livestock Breeds Conservancy, and even rarer yet are the Buff Toulouse who make up less then 15% of the Toulouse population. 

 My main objective is to breed and conserve Toulouse. I will be breeding 8 geese this 2011 Spring, with 2 ganders. I am fortunate to own and have hatched two Buff Toulouse and they will be part of a trio this year. I ship eggs across the US to other breeders interested in this cause and many more Buff Toulouse have been hatched from my birds in other states. I show my birds locally and at the Pacific Poultry show in Stockton, the one of the biggest shows on this side of the US, every January.  

My birds




Holderread's Elite show stock. Depending on hatch rates and demand goslings from this stock may be limited. 



I'm very proud of my buff toulouse this year. They are both great quality and are sweethearts!  

Awards (At Stockton PPBA show 2011)

Jr Grand Champion Goose

Jr Reserve Grand Champion Goose

Jr Grand Champion  Heavy Goose

Jr Reserve Grand Champion Heavy Goose





  • "We are very happy with our new pair of Toulouse geese! We could see how well cared for and tame they were. Thank you again!"
    Margarete Finn
    satisfied buyer
  • "I received my first Faverolles bantam pullet from Jorgensen Waterfowl last week, and she is absolutely wonderful. She's sweet and cage-trained, and very easily handled by my chi..."
    Rebecca Letourneau
    Satisfied Mother Hen