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Hi, My name is Sierra Jorgensen. I am a Senior in Highschool. This year I am 18 and I am the 2012 Treasurer of the Bishop FFA chapter, and was Treasurer of the school's choir program last year. My experience in business allowed me to take these positions and I credit my poultry for my knowledge of finances. I can't say I've always done poultry, I stumbled upon the idea of breeding poultry my Freshman year, but I have always loved birds of any kind. Pigeons, songbirds, I used to go birdwatching in my backyard for hours just to catch a glimpse of a hawk or oriole. When I moved to Bishop, Ca, I was enrolled in the highschool here my Freshman year. I decided to take a class that my mom had suggested, she had been in it when she was a kid, Agriculture. The class is connected to the FFA, Future Farmers of America, and is aimed at providing a safe way for kids to learn about agriculture, and to have a hands-on experience with livestock. It also teaches about business and managing your money in agri-business. In the class, you can help with the breeding animals already on the farm, or raise an animal of your own. The highschool farm, an 80 acre ranch, offers piglets, steers, and lambs to be raised by either FFA students or the local 4-H. I chose to do something a little different, and try my hand with poultry. I can't remember quite why, but I got my mind set on geese, Toulouse geese. My mom thought I was crazy for wanting geese, she knew them as the mean guard-geese she had seen from her childhood, but I had studied Toulouse and assured her they were nothing like that. They were sweet, big birds with more of a bark then a bite.  

I bought my first five geese from Donna and Rick from Diamond Waterfowl, they were amazing , and still are, to do business with. I , ofcourse, had to get a couple turkeys and chickens as well, and then began my poultry "addiction". I did some work with market turkeys and chickens, and started giving eggs to neighbors and local friends. I decided to breed Faverolles and spent a year looking for birds to start with. I bought 4 birds from the Thode family Jan 2010. A rooster and three hens. Another great family to work with, they were very friendly and helped me get started. Last year, in 2011, I adventured into shipping birds. I had my first bird get lost in the mail, luckily the post office worked with me and the buyer and we found the bird safe and finished shipping her to her new owner. Last year I purchased a group of golsings to replace my first flock of Toulouse from Alison Grell and have been absolutely astonished by their size and growth. They will be taking over the old flock Summer 2012. Sadly, also in 2012 , I will be graduating from Highschool. I will have one year before I will need to put my breeding programs aside, while I go to college. I will keep my best birds with my family and breed them again when my college years are over. I hope to go to college for several years to get my GE and pre-requisite classes and then enroll in a college specializing with Veterinary, hopefully OSU or UC Davis.  I want to be a versatile vet, specializing in avian medicine and breeding and conservation, as well as large animals and livestock medicine. 


I am currently a member of 

Faverolle Fanciers of America

APA-ABA Poultry Youth Club

 American Livestock Breeds Conservancy

Future Farmers Of America (FFA)