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Goslings Are Here!!

Posted by Sierra Jorgensen on May 2, 2011 at 1:01 PM

I have 10 eggs, and 8 have pipped so far! The other two are rocking violently and look like they will hatch too. I have 7 mallard ducklings hatched, out of 10, and Faverolles are pipping in the other incubator! I'm so happy and excited for the babies. Most of the goslings are already spoken for, 9 of them, so it looks like I'll be raising one on my own. I'm going to keep Cossette's baby (My Buff Toulouse) in the hopes that it's a boy. Then I would have a buff-split. 

I'll post photos once they are all fluffed out! 

Last week the broodies hatched over 30 eggs between the three of them! I have gazillions of fluffy butt babies now running everywhere! All 30 are either Faverolles or Faverolle mixes and are soooo cute. :'D


Goose eggs are for sale now, and I'm taking deposits for another clutch of goslings. I won't set another incubator of eggs unless people want goslings. Please email me if you are interested. The deposit on goslings is 50% of the price of the goslings. 

I've split up my Faverolles and I'm trying out two new roosters. FAVEROLLE TESTING EGGS ARE FREE (you pay for shipping). You must be willing to send photos back to me though, so that I can see what the babies look like. 

I have one that is a recessive white (both parents were salmon) and he should produce salmon babies. His type, toes and beard are great. He is being bred to SALMON girls that are dark. (They should produce chicks that are light to medium/ideally colored. ). Fertility is unchecked yet, but I will check before shipping eggs. Eggs can be shipped the 16th-30th. 

I also have a SALMON ROOSTER. He is on the small side but has a great beard, toes, and is nice and dark. His shoulder is burgendy and his hackles and saddle feathers are straw/creme colored. I am breeding him to BLUE SALMON HENS. You should get 50% Blue salmon and 50% normal salmon chicks. 

I have a product in the store for them.  Check it out! :D

Thank you! 

Sierra & Feathery Co.

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