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Quotes We are very happy with our new pair of Toulouse geese! We could see how well cared for and tame they were. Thank you again! Quotes
Margarete Finn
satisfied buyer

Quotes I received my first Faverolles bantam pullet from Jorgensen Waterfowl last week, and she is absolutely wonderful. She's sweet and cage-trained, and very easily handled by my children. I am so impressed by the professionalism and service I received from Sierra-- she was so helpful with information and willingness to help. She shipped the pullet from California to Texas, and she did an outstanding job; the bird arrived healthy and hearty. I will definitely do business with her again if I have the chance. Thanks, Sierra, for such a great addition to our backyard flock!! Keep preserving this amazing breed of chicken-- you have a gift!! Quotes
Rebecca Letourneau
Satisfied Mother Hen