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Salmon Faverolles

We breed Large Fowl Salmon Faverolles on a small scale. I am closing my flock to new birds this year and breeding for next year's breeding stock. I am breeding my birds for better size, cleaner color, improved lacing, and better egg laying qualities. My birds come from Thode, Jennifer Ortman, Karen and Tamsen Polley and from my own breeding. 


At the Pacific Poultry Show in Stockton, my bantam rooster won 1st, and my large fowl birds took home two 5th places and one 3rd place in a group of about 15, with some very exceptional birds competing. 

 I also brought home 2 more hens from the show and 2 new cockerels that I'm excited to breed this year. 

 2011 Faverolles